Thursday, November 19, 2009


mommy moments Its another week again,for mommy moments and the theme is yummy!I remember when Amanda was a 6 mos old,when we came back to Korea from Phil's,she runs out of milk in the bus and the only food that we could only give her is dried sweet manggo and a ketchup from mcdo,lol.She loves it though...until now.Her number one favorite food that will make her says yummy is spaghetti with mild itallian sausage,which she called it meatballs all the time... As you can see in the picture on how she was enjoying her food "naka-close pa ang mga mata at kita ang ibedensya na may dugong pinay".heheh. These is a ground beef with a manwich sauce, mix with plain rice one of her favorite food also,when i make this for her she will leave her bowl empty.She like food with a red sauce on it and oh boy,she loves pineapple pizza as well. She'll eat any kind of fruits not so picky,i never had problems feeding her about fruits,she doesn't like candy,but she does like chocolate. Opps,its getting late!You can join us here,just click the badge of MM!Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Favorite Pastime!

.Another day of sharing of our favorites pastime.Well,everyday i do the same thing,spend time with my daughter as always since i am a stay at home mom,doing a household chores,anything that i can do inside the house.Hangout with the friends,eating together while watching our kids playing.And that's will make your days so fast!On the weekend that is our family bonding,we go for a drive and do some shopping,and watch movies after the dinner.But once in a while,when I'm so bored and wants some changes im making some bling bling or crosstitching.Here, some of my sample that i made already.My Korean friend show me how to make those blings.Lol. And sometimes watching of my favorites teleserye on abs-cbn is one of my pastime also,and also chatting with friends,playing on facebook. How about you?What is your favorite pastime?Come and join us! ^,^.

Friday, November 13, 2009

MOMMY MOMENTS...sporty day!

mommy moments Friday again,its about sharing our mommy moments and the theme is sporty day!I couldnt find a picture of Amanda playing her socker ball it might be in my hubbys laptop so im just going to posed some pictures of her favorites activities. These is my little girl who loves the water,who loves to swim,not even scared whether the pool is deep or not.She always make me nervous when it comes to swimming pool or in the beach. Last summer,its hot, the mommy and the daughter always spending time in the pool together.I guess were having a tanning also,heheh. Once in a while we go for walk in the neighborhood,Amanda loves it,because she always wanted to run and see her favorite place she called it "the small city" that we always walk by in the hilly
road going to our house.
That's all for today friends.Come and join us here!Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Time to share the favorite chocolates for Thursday! I decided to make my entry as early as i can so that i would not be missed again...I don't have problems eating a chocolates i can eat any kind but there's one kind that i like the most a Ferrero Rocher.I remember my eldest sister when she working abroad before,she's bringing home a whole bunch of these ferrero but she would just give us a piece...heheh.But she doesnt know "nagnenenok ako" when she get out of the house. I knew it was her fav chocolate also,but i was a little kid back then.But now i can buy anytime,i can eat my fav chocolate anytime!So how about you?Come and share us your favorite one!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello...friends!It's a beautiful day today here having a warm weather and I'm in a good mood to do some groceries early this morning for me and Amanda since the hubby is only home for the weekend.I only buy food that we needed to eat for a week especially vegetables i use that for alot of cooking everyday.But kinda sad of the price of a bell pepper its almost a $ a piece?Maybe I'm just surprise today because its been a couple of months the last time of buying my fav veges, I'm missing my garden now. Here's Amanda with a fresh pick green bell pepper and a long beans "sitaw" from mommy's first garden!

She loves to help me watering the plants and picking those vegetables and she also loves digging and play with the dirt...heheh.Everyday she has to water her giant sunflowers,she has to have her small watering can to water them.Saaarrraaapppp!Lalo na when it freshly picks!That's Amanda's favorite snacks all the time a cucumber!She would eat that first before her meals...!That's my first garden and it did well!I am looking forward to have a garden again next year because the kid and the hubby both loves cucumber and tomatoes!And that fresh tomato is good for shrimp paste "alamang" am i right LIZ??? salty food for you,watch out your blood sugahh...Well,Have a good evening everyone!Till next time..^,^.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is Amanda's third Halloween's trick or treating!She is wearing the same costumes for the last two years,for the reason that still fit on her so it doesn't matter.She loves this lady bug costume anyways.So here she go got her treat,is ready for the next houses!
She get tired of walking around the neighborhood,so here she is has to be carry around!We're walking home!She have enough treats!Thanks to the neighborhood!Happy Halloween Everyone!

Friday, October 30, 2009


mommy moments Its friday...its friday again,today.. her daddy is coming home from MS my daughter is excited about it,ofcourse me too!But todays week is for Mommy Moments the theme is MY PRECIOUS GIFTS! I cannot think of what do i have,what any precious gift do i have?But the only precious gift i ever have is my daughter,my cutie pie,my little princess,my AMANDA.The gift that i will not trade to any thing,will not live without her.Her smile,her sweetnest is making me happy and my inspiration everyday.My Precious! Happy Mommy Moments Everyone!